Black Friday is around the corner…

… and we got a promotion to celebrate that. Effective now, use promotion code “BLACKFRIDAY” to get 55% off any shared hosting or VPS (Windows or Linux) plan for your next 6 invoices. You read it right – invoices, and not months.

How does that work?

If you pay monthly, you will get 55% off each invoice for the next 6 months (6 invoices). Quarterly billing will get you 18 months at 55% off (6 invoices over 18 months). Semi annual – 3 years with the discount, and annual terms – 6 years at 55% off.

With so huge discounts, you can’t go wrong! Sign up now and enjoy one of the best hosting services around.

Shared Hosting

Linux VPS (OpenVZ)

Windows VPS

P.S. The promotion is for new signups only. Existing orders do not qualify.

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