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Free SSL Certificate from SharkServers

SharkServersFree SSL Certificate is happy to announce that free SSL certificates are now available for users of Advanced and Ultimate shared hosting plans. The Free SSL certificate are issued by Let’s Encrypt and are valid for 90 days. Don’t worry about the short time though – they are automatically renewed about 5 days prior to expiry. The best part – you don’t even need to do anything, as that happens automatically.

SSL Certificate benefits your site by establishing a level of trust for your customers. This is especially important when running an e-commerce site, or any other website where a user may be asked to enter their personal data. Having an SSL certificate means that the certificate issuer has verified that the website is what it says it is, and that data being sent to it (or data being received) has not been intercepted or modified.

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How to Install VNC on Debian VPS

VNC is a remote desktop sharing system that will allow you to connect your home PC to a GUI (graphical interface) hosted on your VPS, for easy remote management. This guide will walk you through the steps required to setup and access a VNC server hosted on a Debian VPS.

Before beginning, ensure you are logged in to your VPS as the root user, and run the following to make sure your system is up to date:

# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade

1. Install GNOME:

#apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment

2. Install required fonts:

# apt-get install xfonts-100dpi
# apt-get install xfonts-100dpi-transcoded
# apt-get install xfonts-75dpi
# apt-get install xfonts-75dpi-transcoded
# apt-get install xfonts-base

3. Install TightVNCServer:

# apt-get install tightvncserver

4. Start TightVNCServer for the first time, it will copy config files and prompt you for a password:

# tightvncserver :1

5. Stop the VNC server, so we can continue to configure it:

# tightvncserver -kill :1

6. Edit the xstartup file:

# vi ~/.vnc/xstartup

Press “A” to enter edit mode. Replace the contents of the file with the following (or edit to match):

#!/bin/shxrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
x-terminal-emulator -geometry 80x24+10+10 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
# x-window-manager &
gnome-session &

Press ESC, type :wq, then press enter to save and close the file.

7. Start the VNC server with your desired resolution:

# tightvncserver -geometry 1024x768 :1

You can now access your server’s remote GNOME desktop with a desktop VNC client. Enter your server’s main IP address, Port 1 (or 5901, alternately), and the password you set earlier to connect to the desktop.

Dedicated Server: Choosing the right one

If you’ve decided that a dedicated server makes the most sense for you or your company, the next decision you have to make is just as important. Choosing the right dedicated server will be the difference between this being a good decision and one that is a complete waste of money.

The first thing you have to consider are your own resources. Specifically, do you have the technical knowledge necessary to handle the maintenance required for system administration? If you don’t, does someone in your company (most likely in the IT department)?

If the answer is “no”, don’t worry. It just means you need to pay for management services from the hosting company. Literally tell them that you have no experience with handling administrative duties and they’ll know what you need.

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Do I Need a Dedicated IP Address?

Of the numerous hosting features and extras available from just about every hosting provider out there, the dedicated IP may just be the one that gives Web publishers the most pause. Is it necessary? Does it have any benefit? Do I really need one at all?

The debate rages on. Ultimately, whether you spring for a dedicated IP address or not is your decision, but knowing a few facts, and then throwing in a bit of opinion, may help you make an educated decision. Let’s start with the basics.

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New for July: free domain with Ultimate hosting plan

Innovation needs people who dare to take the first step to do something great, and July is a month famous for innovation. It was 238 years ago that John Hancock put the first signature on the Declaration of Independence, and 45 years ago that Neil Armstrong put the first footprint on the moon.

Don’t wait to be great.

We want to help you make your mark online. For the month of July, you can get a free .com, .net, .org or .info domain name with all Ultimate shared hosting orders. The domain stays free as long as you are with us.

Tweet us @SharkServers to show us what you are up to, and we will share the best right here.

Good luck with your projects.