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DMCA Ignored Hosting

Choosing a web host

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What are the things you’re looking for when searching for a good hosting for your project? Is it speed? Reliability? Security or DDoS protection? There are so many aspects to consider, and it may be overwhelming for an average user to navigate the maze of different options available to them.

Today we will look at what hosting companies are offering, and I’ll try my best to explain what each of those things are, so you can make your decision and go with a host that’s right for you and your project.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Shared Hosting‘ – this is the most basic type of hosting, and is mainly suitable for websites – other projects may have trouble running on it, as it’s very restrictive, and does not provide many options to choose from. Shared Hosting means that you’re given space on a physical server that you, as the name implies, share with other users.

Each website on said server uses a proportion of it’s computing power. If one of these sites use too much resources, performance of all other sites may be adversely affected. While hosting companies have measures in place to prevent this from happening (e.g. automatically suspending any offending accounts), it’s not guaranteed that these measures will work. As you’re offered little freedom by using Shared Hosting, it tends to be very cheap – usually the cheapest option out of all others. As such, shared hosting should only be used when starting out. There are alternatives, such as affordable VPS, or dedicated servers.

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