DDoS Protection on Shared Hosting Servers

DDoS ProtectionWith DDoS attacks becoming an everyday occurrence on the Internet today, it is very important  to have a proper DDoS Protection solution in place. This is especially true if we are talking about shared hosting servers, as there may be several hundreds of domains hosted on them, which means that the likelihood of a DDoS attack is very high.

Over the past week we have experienced three DDoS attacks which affected network performance. Unsurprisingly, all three attacks were aimed at the shared hosting servers. As is the case with DDoS and shared hosting, it is not possible to figure out which particular domain on the server is being attacked. This is because the attack is aimed at the IP of the server, rather than a particular domain name. So what can be done?

DDoS Protection for shared hosting

SharkServers is committed to provide fast, stable and secure service to our customers. We are your partners and want your websites to work properly, which is why we’re currently undergoing changes to the way we operate the shared hosting platform. One of these changes is introduction of DDoS Protection on all shared hosting products. It’s a large investment, but it is necessary for delivery of uninterrupted service.

Over the next few weeks we will be making changes to all shared hosting servers and will be contacting individual customers if we require their assistance to enable DDoS Protection for their account. We appreciate that it may bring slight inconvenience during the setup process. However, we are confident that once the DDoS Protection is up and running, the customers will be happy to know that their websites are protected.

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