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DMCA Ignored Hosting

DirectAdmin Too Many Redirects

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We’ve just been asked by a customer to assist with an issue they have been facing. They run DirectAdmin control panel and were trying to set up a subdomain. The idea was to have WordPress installed on the subdomain, which should be a straightforward task. However, things didn’t quite go that way.

Upon setting up the subdomain and installing WordPress, they discovered that visiting, they were greeted with an error stating “Too many redirects”. After spending a lot of time trying to resolve the issue themselves, they turned to us.

We discovered that DirectAdmin was configured to run nginx + Apache – a webserver setup that’s meant to improve website speed. And normally it does. However, something in the virtual host configuration was wrong. They also had SSL enabled. As the customer had no time to waste, we had to implement a quick and dirty fix, which is removing the original subdomain from DirectAdmin and then adding that same subdomain as an actual domain back to the panel.

There are ways to fix the problem and have the subdomain listed in DirectAdmin as, ahem, actual subdomain, but the customer needed a speedy resolution, so we had to go with this.

We hope this helps someone in a similar position.

As always, if you require assistance, we provide low cost IT services.

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