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DMCA Ignored Hosting

DMCA Ignored Hosting Explained

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DMCA Ignored Hosting or Offshore Hosting is something you may have heard about, and since you’re reading this, you’re probably interested to find out more about it, so let’s get started.

What is DMCA Ignored Offshore Hosting?

To answer that, we need to find out what DMCA is first. Simply put, it’s a United States law that deals with copyright infringement, and every website hosted within the United States has to adhere to it. Some hosts outside the US also follow DMCA and will take websites down when a complaint is received, but that’s their choice – no host outside the United States of America is required to follow DMCA, but they would need to react if they receive a complaint that adheres to their own, local laws. As such, many webmasters from the US are desperate to find an offshore web hosting company that ignores DMCA, so that they can host their websites without the fear of them being taken offline due to a complaint regarding copyright. Not necessarily because they actually host anything that would infringe on someone’s copyright. More because lawyers can be real savages.

Offshore Hosting

There is a wide variety of offshore web hosts around. However, some only claim to ignore DMCA, but when faced with a complaint, they will cave in to the demand, and take the site down anyway. These kind of hosts use the term ‘offshore’ merely for advertising their services in the hope to get more customers, and that they will not really receive any complaints. When they do, they’re forced to react. This results in bad reviews for them, and headache for the customer, as their site is taken down.

We at SharkServers have been around since 2014, and can proudly say that we haven’t removed a single website due to DMCA complaints. This is achieved by having servers in countries where DMCA does not apply or is difficult to enforce due to leniency of the law enforcement, or other factors.

SharkServers has server locations in the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia, which we use to provide offshore web hosting (Use promo code 25OFF for 25% discount) services and domain registration. This makes it nearly impossible for a US company to get a website taken down by simply sending a complaint, as these three countries are known for either having no laws regarding copyright infringement of US-based businesses by third parties, or have no agreements in place between the US and them to enforce any such law. As such, many offshore hosting companies are based in these countries.


Offshore hosts may or may not accept the common payments via PayPal and Credit Cards – it’s up to them. However, if they choose to do so, it shows one of two things – either they are not a real offshore host, or they like taking risk. SharkServers falls into the latter – we take calculated risk, and know how to deal with everything coming from it. However, the most common form of payments offshore hosts (including us) accept is cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that it provides irreversible, highly anonymous payments which, in turn, means that both the hosting company and the customer are protected. Hosting company knows that there won’t be any chargebacks, and the customer can keep their identity safe.

Want to give offshore DMCA ignored hosting a try?

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