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Getting site indexed by Bing

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I don’t know what happened, but I woke up today with a very strong determination to do some SEO for SharkServers. I’ve already been working on fixing some on-site SEO issues, and I’m happy to say that the majority has been resolved. Naturally, the next step would be trying to optimize the site for organic traffic.

We’re ranking quite well in Google, and used to rank well in Bing too. However, the traffic has dropped lately, so I went to investigate. What I found was shocking – SharkServers wasn’t indexed on Bing or Yahoo. Not at all.

Logging on to Bing Webmasters Tools showed that the Bingbot has no issues accessing our site, but there is nothing in the Bing index, and we’ve had no clicks from them for ages. I’ve checked all the usual suspects – robots.txt, .htaccess and such, but everything appeared to be in order. Left with no option, I’ve now reached out to Bing Support to see why this is happening. I’ve done some searching to see if I can resolve this on my own, and contacting support was the last resort. As I searched for a solution, I’ve discovered that it’s not that uncommon – many people seem to be affected by this, or have been affected at some point, so I’ll keep you updated once I hear back, as it may help you too, if you’re having the same issue. Stay tuned!

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