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New VPS Datacenter in Finland

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Starting today (July 9, 2020), SharkServers begins to offer affordable VPS services in Finland. This is our first location in Northern Europe, and just the start of our expansion plans. To celebrate this, we offer 50% off any virtual server plan until the end of the month, and all you need to do is use the promotion code FINLAND when placing the order.

There are many advantages to have a datacenter in Finland. First and foremost, it’s a rather cold country, which means decreased cooling costs, as ambient cooling is an option. Power also is relatively inexpensive, allowing us to save on costs, and passing the savings on to you in terms of reduced price for our hosting plans.

One downside, however, is the fact that Finland has strict laws regarding copyright, so we won’t be able to offer DMCA Ignored Hosting in this datacenter, but that’s not an issue, as we offer that in our Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian locations.

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