SharkServers Reward Points

Reward pointsIntroducing SharkServers Rewards!

We are happy to announce that starting today all our clients will earn reward points as a ‘Thank you’ from SharkServers for being with us. The earned points can then be exchanged for credit which can, in turn, be used to order new web hosting services or buy that domain name that you always wanted.

Points are awarded for almost everything – paying your invoices (invoices paid before due date give your more points), ordering new services and more. Points can also be taken away for some things. The minimum points you can exchange for credit is 100, which is $1 when exchanged.

We got this far, so here’s the full list of what gives (and takes) the points, and how many.

Base Rate: 1000 points = $10

Paying invoice before due date – 5 points

Paying invoice after the due date – 2 points

Activating affiliate account – 5 points

Logging in to client area – 1 point (Once every 24 hours)

Upgrading service – 5 points

Upgrading service options – 3 points

Registering, renewing or transferring a domain – 10 points

Completing an order – 10 points

Opening a ticket – 1 point deducted

Receiving first overdue notice – 1 point deducted

Receiving second overdue notice – 1 point deducted

Receiving third overdue notice – 1 point deducted

Should you have any questions regarding this reward point system, please get in touch. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy providing it to you.

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