SharkServers has a new home

It’s been a while since anything was posted on our blog, so I think it’s time to tell you a bit more about things going on at SharkServers.

The most important event for us this year was the datacenter migration from Coventry, UK to our own facility in Reading, UK that has just opened. The move was completed on June 14, and it went better than we expected. You see, with any migrations of such scale, you expect that something will go wrong. Luckily, this was not the case, and while we were prepared for some problems, everything was in order. That said, SharkServers now has a new place to call home – B5 Data Centers, owned and operated by B5 Ltd – SharkServers parent company.

So, let’s see what does this mean for our customers

Since SharkServers was formed, it has always been the dream of our staff to own and operate our own, private facility – a place where we could control everything that’s so important for our business – connectivity, cooling, power, monitoring, management – this was not possible in the old facility – just because it was owned by someone else. Now, however, we have complete freedom of making decisions on ever level. If something is not working, we do not have to rely on remote datacenter staff to fix it (which can take ages). Instead, we can now do it ourselves. We are also able to reduce our cost of sales as we don’t have to colocate our hardware with a 3rd party, which means that we’re in position to offer better services at a lower cost to our customers.

Enough about the new datacenter now (there will be more on this later). Let’s talk about some services that we’ve improved, as well as a few new ones.


If you’re our shared hosting customer, you’ll know that we primarily use DirectAdmin. While it’s a great panel, some people have their own preferences, and ask for cPanel instead. Of course, we’re happy to accomodate, and cPanel is now available in partnership with Atlantic Servers. Atlantic Servers is affiliated with SharkServers, and is based in our facility in Reading. We also have our staff working with Atlantic Servers, so you’ll always get the great support from them, as you get from us. Oh, and they’re also running a promotion for their cPanel accounts – use promotion code “RI1GG0G9HA” at checkout and get 50% for the lifetime of your plan. Their cPanel plans can be found here.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server range has been updated and now includes faster setup and faster servers. All servers are now configurable – you are now able to customize the servers the way you want them. Additionally, KVM over IP and remote reboot functions are now available, giving you more control over your server. The current range can be viewed here.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to let you know there are a lot of other new products coming up soon, so make sure you ‘like’ our page on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for all latest news and promotions!

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