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Fast Windows VPS or Linux VPS – Helping You Choose

Fast Windows VPS or Fast Linux VPSSo you’ve decided that a virtual private server is the way to go for your business. Awesome! Control, privacy, dedicated resources, ridiculously fast hardware. Do I need a fast Windows VPS or a Linux VPS? Wait… What? If you have no idea what I’m talking about – read on!

Now that you’ve certain that a VPS is what you need, it’s time to make your next VPS hosting decision – what type of operating system is best for you?

You have two OS options: either Linux or Windows. They are similar in a lot of ways and cover the same basic functions, such as allowing you to store your data, run applications and scale up your resources as needed – in a nutshell – what a VPS is all about. But there are some pretty important differences between the two as well, so let’s take a look in a little more detail at the pros and cons of Windows and Linux to aid with your decision making process.

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