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What’s Going on With SharkServers Reviews?

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Let’s talk about hosting reviews online. Can you really trust them?

Web Hosting directories usually feature a review or testimonial section where users can share their experiences with the web hosting company in question. Unfortunately, the majority of such directories are subject to fraudulent reviews – good or bad.

One such directory is HostAdvice – a large web hosting review site. SharkServers has enjoyed legitimate reviews on HostAdvice for years before competition decided to spam our profile with fake reviews in order to drive down traffic and sales for us, thus damaging our reputation.

We have always responded to legitimate reviews, and are currently working with HostAdvice staff to remove the fake ones. SharkServers has been in business since 2014 and has always provided the services sold. If there have been any issues, they have been promptly resolved. That said, we will continue to offer great service and will always ensure that our customers come first!

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