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DMCA Ignored Hosting

Where to Buy Offshore Hosting?

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The answer to that question is – right here from SharkServers! Our previous post regarding Offshore Hosting (Should you wish to Buy Offshore Hosting from SharkServers, use promo code ’25OFF’ for 25% off your first payment) turned out to be very popular, so let’s dive deeper into detail and see if there’s anything we might have missed.

So far we know that the most popular locations for offshore hosting are Russia, Ukraine (or any Ex-Soviet state for that matter) and Netherlands. This is because of their liberal attitude towards copyright laws, or that they just don’t care. If you wish to buy offshore hosting, these would be the locations you would look for.

In over 7 years of operation, SharkServers has never suspended any website due to a DMCA complaint. And why should we? After all, it’s a US law, and we’re not based in the US. We’ve been selling offshore vps and offshore dedicated servers without a hitch. Well, almost. There was one time a few years ago when the police showed up at our office together with representatives from Sony, and demanded that we take down a music streaming site that was hosted with us, which we simply transferred to our Russia-based operations. The site is hosted with us to this day.

Should you have any questions about our hosting services, please get in touch. We have a completely different approach to how we run business, and can accommodate almost any requirements, so even if you don’t see a product that suits you, we can probably offer you a custom solution. On top of that, we also offer free website migration, if you’re moving from another hosting company, and would even match their price. There’s nothing to lose when hosting with us!

We’ve also just released our best product yet – Shark VPS – the most powerful VPS plan we have available, and there’s a free 3 day trial available. Don’t miss out!

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