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See what our customers have to say about SharkServers

If you are looking for amazing service and want great deals on within your budget, then SharkServers is the place you have to go to. I have been trying numerous hosting companies for a few years and this is the first time I got such a great hosting provider.

Muntazir Patel

I recommend SharkServers because of their excellent customer service and reliable hosting plans. They really go the extra mile for the customers. Two thumbs up!

Dennis Houston

Very nice company. Hosting and Domain pricing very competitive (actually better). Hosting was setup instantly, as well as the Domain kicked in pretty fast. All in all, I had my site(s) up in under 30 minute and live a few minutes later. That is faster than some of the other companies.

Pricing is very reasonable – I will definitely be upgrading later when I get time.

Service is top-notch. If you are experiencing something serious, they are on it instantly and reply back to let you know what is going on, how they are taking care of it, and when.

While I had a few bumps in the beginning, their speedy service, allowed me to give them a 5/5!

Thanks for the service!!

Cain Johnson

Customer service is top class. Great response times and always getting the job done.

Their support members (especially Benjamin) are all great. I’m probably their biggest pest but they definitely put the customer first.

The service has an awesome uptime (99.9%) if not 100. I ain’t saying 100 because I do sleep. If you are looking for a cheap great quality host. SharkServers is the way to go!

Shivam Paw

I have been with many different web hosts over the years and I’m voluntarily writing this review because I am really happy with SharkServers. If you have a WordPress or similar site, and are looking for the most features for the lowest price, they are your solution.

I only know their support technicians Especially (Benjamin)- are great because I have had to contact them on two occasions to fix a problem that I caused.

Why The Best Host? The most Significant thing that I like about SharkServers is it’s DMCA ignored and that’s what makes it unique. So you don’t have to worry about host companies banning or suspending your account just because you embedded some video or added a link to any content. I have had hard times with other hosting providers as they don’t understand the fact that videos are embedded and not hosted or uploaded on my server. It seems obvious to me but unfortunately it isn’t obvious to many web hosts which is why I’m happy with SharkServers.

Lyoid Lopes