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SharkServers provides unmanaged and managed offshore Linux VPS services. All our VPS services run on KVM virtualization and are highly scalable. Whether you're hosting a website, game server or any other project - we're happy to provide the resources to enable you to do so. Need help choosing the right offshore VPS plan?

Offshore VPS

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price

1 Core 1GB 20GB SSD 1TB $6.99/month Sign up
2 Cores 2GB 25GB SSD 5TB $11.99/month Sign up
3 Cores 4GB 50GB SSD 10TB $22.99/month Sign up
4 Cores 8GB 100GB SSD 20TB $59.99/month Sign up

Optional Addons

• DirectAdmin Control Panel - $10/month
• Additional IPv4 Address - $2.50/month